Anter’s shirt

The symbol of man’s elegance

Sewed with noble materials such as linen and cotton it is a pleasure to wear it. These fabrics are often blended with silk, viscose or polyester in order to obtain products with peculiar characteristis such as brightness, lightness or freshness.

The most common fabrics obtained from cotton and linen are:

  • batista, very fine, transparent, light.
  • popeline, originally consisting of a silk warp with a weft of worsted yarn, is now made mainly from cotton. It has become the preferred fabric for man’s shirts.
  • oxforde, has two fine yarns paired together. Usually one white and another coulored (typically blue).
  • twil, charactherized by diagonal yarn.
  • Great importance resides in the collar, cuffs and buttons. These are the details that characterize a man’s shirt.

    Shirts can be worn under suits as well as on blue jeans. Casual or formal they always confer a touch of elegance and class.