“ Experience is the key ”

Antonio Senatore, Anter’s manager and founder, started his career in the wholesale fashion field in the 60s; the golden age for Italian economy.
Once he acquired enough experience and he devoloped is own ideas, Antonio realized his dream and established his own business.

Since 1980 “ANTER” operates in the fashion businnes where it has specialized as a wholesaler and retailer of formal, classy, clothing goods.
Our firm offers to customers a wide range of products, from casual to formal but always with class and from the most respectable Italian firms. Antonio is assisted by his wife Teresa and by an experienced group of collaborators which very flexibly cover a wide range of operations. Convinced that one can’t be “a good manager witouth good collaborators”, mr. Antonio established a wealthy and stimulating work environment.

The heartiness of shop assistants and the ease of an informal communication between the buyer and the seller, have significantly contributed to the growth of Anter and to the satisfaction of its customers.

Fundamental to Anter success is the price quality ratio and the positive word of mouth that satisfied customers spread. Customer satisfaction remains the primary concern for Antonio and his collaborators, always!